December 5, 2020

Notice anything different?

Five years ago two like-minded creatives (that’s us – Steve and Phil) joined forces to create a digital design service. Sirman and Lee was born and our mission was simple: to use our expertise to bring brands to life.

Since 2015 we’ve had the good fortune to work with some pretty impressive entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors. As their brands have grown so to have we, and we’ve gained a clear understanding of what Sirman and Lee can offer others along the way.

Today (December 2020) we are a diverse team made up of creatives, web developers, designers, brand strategists and social media experts. We also have access to a trusted network of talented associates providing photography, film, animation and strategic communications. Collectively we develop outstanding digital brand presence.

A key part of our work is creating strong brand identities, sometimes known as a logo. But we’d prefer not to use that word. A well executed brand identity will work across digital and print communications and will also stand the test of time. That’s because a good brand will always reflect the values and purpose of a business.

From time-to-time we think it’s right to refresh a brand identity – because your company has evolved, it’s adapted, and you’re doing things differently. Think John Lewis and the renewed focus on their Partners, or the ever-changing colour of the Nike swoosh. Subtle changes that retain the essence of the brand yet demonstrate how businesses are responding to change.

So, five years since we first launched it feels right to revisit and refresh our brand. Why?

Because we’ve grown substantially, our service has evolved and adapted, and we’re now an established digital design consultancy. If we were going to make a drink comparison we like to think we’ve matured to a fine craft ale.

To do this we followed the same methodology we apply to all our design projects:

  • Learning
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Action
  • Evaluation

You can find out more about this approach and see some examples of our branding work here.

The end result is the refreshed Sirman and Lee brand you see today. It’s been a collaborative process with our team inputting every step of the way. If you’ve got a view we would love to hear your thoughts, and if you want to discuss your brand please email us info@sirmanandlee.com or call us on:  020 3488 2540.