January 25, 2021

We are delighted to introduce Sirman and Lee’s new Software Expert and IT Problem Solver Richard Hatton.

This January we welcomed Richard Hatton to Sirman and Lee.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard on a number of collaborative projects for a wide variety of clients over the last few years.

We’re constantly impressed by his solution orientated approach and are delighted he’s joining us as our IT Operations Manager bringing a decade of software and programming experience.

So how can Richard’s skills help your business?

Richard creates the software that you don’t see that makes a website, app or IT system function seamlessly. He describes his jobs in three words; functionality, polishing and completion.

“A lot of what I do is about enhancing the customers and users digital experience. Whether that’s creating a new website from scratch, adding a new feature or functionality to an existing web or app or introducing new systems to support a smooth working environment.

What drives me and the team is how can we find the best solution in a timely, cost effective way that makes things easier for everyone. IT programming is a bit like putting together a puzzle, there’s a lot of problem solving and testing and there is certainly no one size fits all.

Sometimes we need start from the very beginning and build the software from the ground up. Other times it doesn’t make sense to do that, when there is already an existing solution that would work just as well at a fraction of the cost.

Our world is so fast paced, it’s important that we are always on top of the new technology to give our clients the best possible advice.

A recent project that Richard has worked on which seems timely to share in the month of Valentine’s Day is for The London Diamond Exchange.Using his development expertise, he created a unique ring builder feature for the website. This gives customers the opportunity to create their own bespoke ring, choosing their preferred style and stones at a price that works for them.   Behind the scenes, the application is connecting to an international diamond exchange API which has thousands of diamonds to choose from giving the customer the choice to create a truly unique ring To take a look visit: https://www.londonde.com/ring-builder


For anyone looking to improve their digital offer or systems. Richard has one piece of solid advice that has stood the test of time on every project he’s worked on.


“It’s good to get as many people involved from the beginning as possible to float around ideas. That really helps us to come up with an effective solution and gives us the opportunity to explore what is needed.”

The other recommendations I have and this is web specific, which is so relevant at the moment. Don’t let your website get stale.  It’s so easy to neglect it and for development code rot (that’s IT talk for glitches and problems) to settle in. Invest time and keep it engaging with new content, blogs and images. This seems so obvious but with over 55.5% of consumers using their mobiles to make an online search*, every website needs to work effectively and dynamically on a mobile phone.

To find out more about Sirman and Lee’s work: https://sirmanandlee.com/case-studies or give Steve a call on:  020 3488 2540