November 2, 2020

We are delighted to introduce Sirman and Lee’s new Creative Lead Ben Dixon.

Ben is an award winning creative designer with over 12 years experience in branding, digital and graphic design. Having worked for high profile global brands in the property, hospitality, and technology world we wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were familiar with some of his work.

Ben’s strength is his ability to create impactful print and digital design that tells a story. He is also a highly personable and effective project manager with a superb eye for detail. Ben’s direction will ensure our design concepts build awareness in all the right ways.

He tells us a little bit more about himself…


What inspires and influences your design work?

“They always say a good designer is influenced by their environment and to a certain extent that’s definitely true. Great photography, places, the shape of objects, all these things encourage ideas.  I also have a real love for typography*. It inspires me as much as it did when I first starting studying graphic design many years ago. Whether I’m discovering a new type or designing something from scratch, typography is such a powerful design tool that helps shape a campaign, brand and story. What excites me is how we can now use digital software to bring typography to life and to new audiences.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give others clients or fellow designers? 

To a client, it would be that good design is not just about being aesthetically pleasing.

It’s very important for a design to look good, but it also needs to communicate the right message and stand the test of time. Good design is a foundation for any business, it tells your story and should support your aims. One of the things I really like about my job is working closely with people to understand their business and how design can help.

To a fellow designer, I’d say never be afraid of learning new things in terms of skills and software. The industry moves so quickly it’s important to keep up–to-date and open to different styles and techniques.  While we all have our design specialisms (mine is typography) embrace new ways of working when you can. Your work will be all the better for it.

Are there any design trends we should be aware of in 2021?

I think the focus on interactive digital design will continue which I’m excited about, it’s a great way to connect with others and make an impact. Every year there will always be a particular font or design style that’s popular. For me it’s always important to come up with something different and not be swayed by the crowd. Otherwise there is a tendency for all designs to look the same.

And finally what attracted you to Sirman and Lee?

I share your values, I’m excited by your growing portfolio of work, the variety of clients you work with and your digital design ambitions. Plus, having done a bit of freelance work for Sirman and Lee I know you are a positive, talented, committed team.   I’m looking forward to getting started.

You’re welcome Ben we are looking forward to having you on board.

If you’re looking for some design direction please email us info@sirmanandlee.com or give Steve a call on:  020 3488 2540


Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. Typography involves font style, appearance, and structure, which aims to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. In short, typography is what brings the text to life.