January 10, 2022

Food and Drink

They say food and creativity go hand in hand. We’d certainly argue a good meal helps to fuel a delectable design. Luckily for us we get to work with some impressive companies in the food and drink sector. This summer (2021) we’ve been busy creating gourmet websites along with range of print and digital designs for Alma’s Restaurant and the Whisky by Time.  Here’s how we’ve helped…

Alma’s Restaurant


Alma’s is a popular family run Italian restaurant close to Borough Market in London, a food mecca for locals and tourists alike.  Excited to re-open their doors after lock down, Alma’s came to us for help with a brand refresh and new website that would help their well-loved eatery stand out from the crowd both online and in person.

It’s always rewarding when a client asks us to develop designs to work across all areas of their business.   Especially when their food is as good as Alma’s. Our work included;

  • A refresh of their existing brand identity
  • Design and build of new website including hosting functions and emails
  • Creation of mouth-watering menu designs
  • New uniform design to compliment the delicious food and friendly staff
  • Development and launch of QR Code to help with food ordering

Steve Sirman:

“It’s been a real pleasure working (and eating) with the team at Alma’s.  The design challenge was to build on the heritage of the existing brand ensuring their new look felt relevant and was true to their values of serving great home-made food in a friendly family restaurant.”

Whisky by Time


The experienced team at the Whisky by Time offers investment opportunities in a growth market, whisky casks sourced from the very best distilleries in Scotland and Ireland.  Whisky by Time wanted a new website that communicates their wealth of expertise and provided advice for first time investors curious to find out more.  Our designers, developers and marketers;

  • Developed a distinct brand identity
  • Created and designed a new website – hosting all set-up and responsive to diverse enquiries
  • Crafted interesting yet comprehensive copy, clarifying the process and benefits with ease
  • Launched and implemented a Google Campaign successfully driving traffic to the website.

“Our team are respected for providing trusted advice around whisky cask investment. It was vitally important that our new website made the right kind of impression cutting through the noise that is often felt in a growth market. We’re really pleased with the look and feel and the functionality of the new website. The design is informative and clarifies the investment process nice and succinctly.  I’m especially pleased to share we are receiving a high volume of enquiries since the launch.”