The brief.

Borna is a young and innovative British company.  They sell a premium range of ethically sourced nuts, alongside award-winning non-dairy milks and butters, made from the finest pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts.  In 2019 they launched the UK’s first totally nutty pistachio drink. In summary, they’re nuts about high quality nuts.


Borna came to us at the beginning of 2021 after a period of positive business growth with a clear brief to improve their previous website to;


  • Reach the right customers
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Increase profitability

The solution.

  • A new website structure tailored to Borna’s recent customer research.  Making it nice and easy for all customers from wholesale stockists to online shoppers find what they need.
  • Creating a contemporary engaging look that reflects the playful nature of the brand while complimenting their quality and sustainability values.
  • New features like a stockist page, blogs and recipes.  We built and designed all the new functions to add value to the customers experience
  • A brand new new e-commerce shop, bespoke to Borna and built from scratch.  With a complete focus on ease of use and good quality customer service.
  • And to build brand loyalty we introduced new subscription options for regular customers

The results.

  • Borna launched their new site on Tuesday 11 May 2021.
  • Initial customer focus group feed back has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Borna’s Customers are nuts about their new website.
Sirman and Lee
I was impressed by how quickly Sirman and Lee showed a good understanding of our company and what we needed. Throughout the project we were given excellent care and guidance – they were quick, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and professional. Thank you all for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the creativity, design, development and realisation of our site.
Inesa Slevaite, Marketing Manager • Borna Foods